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 Management and Team Leadership

How do you become a good manager? How to be a good communicator, know how to delegate, know how to manage and resolve conflicts, allow good team cohesion, be fully staffed, promote internal promotions and all this while being respected and appreciated by the team? While avoiding the burning out, of course. 

Why use a team management coach? How do we know if we need one and for what reasons exactly? To do better, because we encounter certain difficulties with our team, because we have difficulty managing conflicts, because we don't know how to promote or fire someone? How to know if there is a lack of efficiency or an overload of work. 
All of this can be addressed in the program I propose, the idea is to do better, to listen to oneself and to others in order to make relations between each other more fluid and thus work as serenely as possible in the most difficult and stressful contexts possible. I have experience as a manager in the humanitarian world in stressful environments, dealing with cultural and language differences, as well as significant interpersonal conflicts. I have recruited and fired people, created teams, promoted and resolved conflicts of all kinds, made mistakes, learned and improved. I am now a team to accompany you in your journey to become a better manager. 
I establish a customized program that I propose to you and we will address all the topics and tools that you want us to discuss during our sessions.
I am here for you, to make you the best manager you can be by respecting your limits, your work methods and making your strengths a major asset. For this to work, it also requires a commitment on your part, it can lead to a questioning of your habits. Even though the solutions I propose must fit you, you must be ready to make these changes. During this program, we will have 6 sessions spread over 6 months, you can contact me between sessions if you have any question, I remain at your disposal throughout the period. During the 20 minutes assessment, the idea is to create a first contact, to allow you to ask me questions and for me to specify what can be the content of the program and does not commit in any case has the purchase of a program thereafter. 

Team Leadership Program 

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