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How to boost your career 

Up until now, you've followed the job opportunities that have come your way, and you're pretty happy with where you've ended up, 
But now you are looking for something different, you want to be in control of the next step in your career and create the next opportunity to fit your life and career choices.

You don't necessarily want to change the job, but to change your working conditions, your position, to take on more responsibility and to show what you are capable of today. 

But your impostor syndrome, a lack of self-confidence and simply not being sure of what you can apply for, prevents you from taking this step. And this step is not easy and thanks to this program I propose to help you to identify the next step for you, to change your state of mind and to create this next opportunity so that it corresponds to your priorities today.

The program consists of 3 coaching sessions where we establish together the goals you want to achieve, change the mindset that is holding you back, prepare a solid application and build a strategy to get you to that next step in your career. 
We will talk about your achievements, your pride, your values and your priorities, and finally I will guide you through the recruitment process and contract negotiations. 

If you have any questions, please contact me by email and we will start with a free assessment to determine together which coaching would suit you best. 


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Boost your career program

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