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Aude C Leroy

Career Management coach

If I had to describe myself in two words, it would be my willingness to help. I have always wanted to help my family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, which is one of the reasons why I became a humanitarian. 
I am constantly looking for solutions, to make everyone's life easier, more serene and more fulfilled. And when I succeed, I am more than happy! So when I say I have your best interests at heart, it's true.

My last job made me lose sight of that. As an HR person, I found myself serving my employer more than the people I was working with. Even though I was working for an NGO, not being in contact with the field, as in my previous jobs, I didn't want to continue, especially as this job didn't allow me to live 7 days a week with my daughter who had just been born. So my partner and I agreed that she would look for a job and I would take care of our little one and take a break. I'm very lucky to have been able to do this and I took my time. We moved to a new country and after the COVID and the umpteenth confinement, the questions started going round in my head. And a real need to go back to work with 18 months break (job break... looking after a baby is not really relaxing!)

So when I wanted to get back into it, what to do? I started by saying to myself that I didn't want to fall back into a daily routine where my family takes second place and I don't have time for them. Then what do I like to do? What do I miss? Managing! Yes, but what exactly? I like to see people progress, blossom at work, surpass themselves, evolve and see them marvel at what they are capable of. I am always delighted to receive messages from my team members from all over the world when they get a new job! As for my day-to-day life? I wanted to be in control and have the time to do things at my own pace.

Does it seem obvious to you that I have become a coach? Well, it took me a few more months to realize it and to take it on. But I'm there! It's not easy to get started, so many things to do and think about, but I know it's the right path! So it's going to happen!
Why are you telling me all this? Simply because I expect the same from you, I need it to help you and you need to be confident. My background speaks for itself, I am non-judgmental, open-minded and ready to learn about a new field and give you all my support at any time. I am also honest, and I will not lead you into a corner. And finally, you do the work, I help you, accompany you but THE person you will thank in the end is you! You contact me, you start the process and you do the work, I'm the little voice that keeps telling you that you're going to make it, that you're going to get your head out of the sand and that it's okay to give up, but not to give up!

My only regret is that I did it alone, and clearly blind. I had help and the best cheerleader ever, my wife. And I'm here today to tell you that I know what I know, that it's scary, and that it's possible! I will be your cheerleader, your manager and your compass in this adventure! 

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