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A change of career

Online Coaching with Aude C Leroy

Aude C Leroy

Coach Reconversion professionnelle / Management Career coach

My aim when I coach you is to help you take a different look at your career, your potential and your skills. I highlight what you are capable of and help you learn to do the same in your next interview. Your experiences and assets are right in front of you but you don't see them most of the time. I am here to help you build the confidence you need to take on this new project. 
Together we will challenge all the barriers that have prevented you from getting your dream job and fulfilling your wildest dreams. Whether it's imposter syndrome, lack of self-confidence, professional "failures", fear of the unknown, burn-out, none of these obstacles are insurmountable and they have made you who you are. It's time to turn them into strength and show your next employers what you can do.
I am a firm believer that we are capable of much more than we think and we are often our own worst enemy. Together let's change that and make you your best asset and best friend. Together we review your entire application and search process. We discuss how to activate your network, focus your energy on the offers that suit you, have an application that reflects what you are capable of and your motivation to do it. If you are stressed during an interview (as we all are), I will help you to prepare yourself in the best conditions. And finally we talk about negotiating for this future job. 
Contact me in PM and we will start with a free 20 minute assessment to discuss the best coaching plan for you! I look forward to starting this new phase with you. 


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"Your resume is an introspection exercise on your motivations and your ambitions so that it reflects who you are and who you want to become."

Very available, professional and close to her client, Aude Cécile helped me a lot to find my way back to work in a way I liked. I am very grateful for her simple, direct and efficient support, based on practical solutions and anchored on a very good knowledge of the contemporary labour market. I would definitely use his services again in the future if I need advice on my future career.

(translated from french)

Constructive exchanges, relevant advice to improve my CV, which allowed me to start my job search with the necessary confidence.

(translated from french)

Emmanuel M

Carole D

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